Face Time | Coconut Oil Face Wash

Lately, I have been trying something new.  
It isn't anything too big, but I have been super excited about the results.

I have fairly acne prone skin. 
It is a real problem for me.  It has been part of my life for the last ten years, 
and I have tried so many things to try and curb my breakouts.

Let me explain exactly what I have been dealing with.  
For the last ten years, I have broken out- all the time.
It doesn't really revolve around my time of the month... it is seemingly constant.
I would get rid of one blemish (or more), only to have more pop up.

They haven't been the tiny whiteheads either.
They have been the large, underground, cystic bumps.
They hurt to touch and even have "heat" to them sometimes.

I wash my face... every day- morning and night.
I am faithful, but have seen no results.
I even bought a Clarisonic spin brush that I felt was working... until I realized it wasn't working at all.

About a month ago, I read up on using Coconut Oil as a face wash.
I was sure everyone who used this method must have delightful complexions to begin with- no need to worry about breakouts.
With all my acne issues, I decided I had nothing to lose.  
I decided to try this out and see how it went.

Another reason why i love coconut oil. ::DIY coconut oil hair mask. Makes your hair soft and shiny, and treats scalp conditions!"
I am only a month into the process, but I had three weeks where I didn't have one single breakout- big or small.
That is pretty much monumental for me!  I have been so excited!
I have had a few breakouts this week which have been a result of things starting back up since being pregnant and nursing.

More positives...
My skin is so smooth and soft. 
It is organic and natural and cost effective. 

.coconut oil

I only wash with the oil at night.
I use my regular cleanser during the day so my face isn't too oily for makeup.  

I will certainly update you again in the future when I have more solid results, 
but I wanted to share with whomever might be interested.

Let me know if you have tried this method and how it worked for you!



  1. WE LOVE COCOUNUT OIL! I use it on my son. He has ezcema behind his knees and a few spots on his arms. It works WONDERS for that! Never thought about washing with it! MIght have to try that!!!

  2. Sounds like something I need to try. I know my sister-in-law uses it in her hair. I haven't used it at all, but I need to! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great day!

  3. So excited to see that this is working for you. Thanks for the link back to my post. I am still using it and it is still working for me :)

  4. Interesting - never thought to use coconut oil. I might have to try it! And btw - love your cute curly hairdo. ;)

  5. You have a beautiful complexion. I will have to try this!!

  6. What?!? This seems crazy. I have really oily skin, so I avoid "oily" products, you know? I'm totally looking into it... thanks for sharing!!!