We have been busy lately filling our time with summer fun.
We checked "Vacation" off our list of things to do.

We spend the early mornings and evenings outside ::sweating:: in the humid heat.
The afternoons are spent inside playing, reading, and preparing for our school to begin in a few short weeks.

Vacations are nice because I don't have to cook meals and worry about cleaning the house.
I am always ready to get back to home-cooked food and normalcy.
This time, for some reason, we have been so busy that it has been difficult to get the cooking back in full swing.
Today we spent the morning getting groceries and necessities, so hopefully our week will flow better as far as the kitchen is concerned.

I just had to throw this picture in of the yummiest toes around.
I love how he still sits on his knees to eat.
It reminds me that he is still little and I have lots of time left with my little boy.  Thankful.

I have been getting up early in the mornings to run.
My knees and ankles have been giving me a LOT of trouble. 
I have never had any issues with them before, but for some reason they hurt really bad.
Today I didn't get to run, but I still got up and walked.
Baby steps... I am hoping my joints will bounce back and I will get to run again soon.

I am in the rapid planning stages for this little one's birthday.
I want it to be fun, simple, and memorable.
This *could be* my last First birthday celebration that I plan.
We shall see...


What have you been up to this summer?  Do you have fun things you do to pass the time?

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  1. We've been checking thins off left and right off our summer to do list! It looks like you guys are enjoying your time, gorgeous photos!