Mark likes to have "dates" with the kids-  
It started with him taking Ella to dinner and a movie a few years ago.
Recently, we realized that the dates don't have to be quite so formal.
Maybe it's taking Ella to see Grandma's kittens and spend time pushing her on the swing.
Or, taking her to get a sno-cone at the local ice cream joint.

Last night, Liam had some alone time with daddy.
They went to the farm and replaced the battery in the tractor so Mark could mow the grass in the field.

While they were away, Ella blew some colorful bubbles (which, by the way, didn't turn out to be very colorful- just a mess).
She also played in the sprinkler with her umbrella.
The garden loves that she has an obsession with sprinkler play.

Simple life.  On a gravel road.  In small town America.


Do you have "dates" with your kids? 


  1. Such a great post! I love hearing how much parents love to spend time with their kids and the incredible impact it makes on their lives!

  2. I think that is an awesome idea! A date night with the kids! What a great idea!

  3. Oh a tractor date - that really does rock! My daughter would love one, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x