This boy...

I love this boy so much.
When he was put in my arms, I had no idea what I was in for.  
He is a passionate little one.  He has opinions and will fight until he is heard.
This can be a struggle some days, but I know God will use that spirit for good.

I thought for sure that he wouldn't care one bit about his clothes.
Since when do boys care what they are wearing?
Well, I got the boy who cares- passionately.

I never want to forget how much he loves his "farmer" pants.
He begs to put them on every morning and swears that they are clean even when there is mud caked on the knees.

I never want to forget how his face lights up when he puts on his John Deere hat.  Or how he talks in a deep voice as he pretends to be a working on the farm. 

I never want to forget how handsome he looks on Sunday mornings after he begs daddy to shave his face and gel his hair, too.  

 I never want to forget how he always has to wear pants with pockets to house his cell phone, keys, and money- just like his daddy.

I never knew how this little boy would change my life when I first laid eyes on him. 
I never want to forget the little things that make him so special.


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