Tid Bits

Summer is quickly coming to a close. 
I cannot believe how fast it goes- so much faster now that I am an adult.

We spend our mornings chatting and sharing dreams we had the night before 
(most of which are stories from their little imaginations).

We get dressed and make our beds.
Ella has been showing Liam how to tidy up his bed in the mornings.
Liam has been sleeping on a toddler mattress on Ella's floor for a few weeks now.
He prefers being with her at night.  
I don't mind much.  It has worked out beautifully and has given him a sense of comfort.

We eat breakfast and brush our teeth.
The big kids usually plant themselves in our bedroom to watch something on the ipad while I finish preparing the house and myself for the day.
Guinnyth is usually sleeping, so it keeps the house quiet for a few more minutes while she rests.

In a few short weeks, we start school and our mornings will be a bit different.
We will go from our morning routine to our school routine.
Playtime will be saved for after lunch and evenings.
Sporadic morning trips to town, or to play with friends, will have to be more scheduled.

It makes me so happy to have my little crew home with me.
We get to share the little things with each other.
It sweetens my day...


When does summer end for your family?


  1. Ah, this will be the first fall that we have "school," as my oldest is starting pre-k. School begins late in August, so we've got a little less than a month before things get crazy. Honestly, I'm a little panicked over how we're ever going to get there on time because we don't even eat breakfast until around 8:30 - which is when school begins! I liked reading this little post on how mornings go for your family, so sweet :)

  2. Ella will start Kindergarten. I cannot believe it, either. You will figure out a groove. :) Good luck! ;)

  3. So sweet! We school year round taking off 2 weeks at Christmas/New Year, 1 week for Thanksgiving, and the month of June. Otherwise it's just a day here and there.

  4. Darling pictures! Summer ends in just a few weeks for us. I am so not ready! Our son will attend school for the first time & in a foreign country! I am not ready for it!!


  5. Summer holiday are the best, love the pictures