Time Away from Home

We get so excited to take time and get away.
We just got back from vacation... and the kids had so much fun.
It was Guinnyth's first plane ride and the older two were so excited.

Mark talked me into leaving my camera at home so I didn't have to tote it around.  
I loved not carrying it, but I am a little bummed with the pictures.
His iPhone takes blurry pics unless you are holding very still, so the pics on the bus were a bit blurry.

A sanity saver for us were the kids' backpacks.

I filled them with simple, but fun things for them to do:
*snacks that they usually don't get (annies fruit snacks)
*things to color and sticker
*small toys

We had a 3 hour flight both ways, so they needed something to keep them still and quiet.

My little lady bug is a noisy lil' thing. 
Ever since she started crawling, she is on the move!
I cannot keep her still, or quiet.
She screeches and squawks all the time.
Needless to say, the plane ride(s) were eventful.

We did quite a bit of walking, so Guinnyth got a lot of hold time.
Her eyes were so red because she chose to fuss instead of take her nap.
She fell asleep on daddy's back and felt much better. 

Our hotel had a dolphin and tiger/lion exhibit.
We went twice and the kids loved the dolphins!

Every morning we were out waiting in line for the pool- at 7 am.
We would grab Starbucks and wait for the pool to open.
The kids swam in the mornings and even a few evenings.   

It was so much fun and the kids had a blast.
It is always so good to be home, though.
I love the kids being in their own beds and having a routine.
Now, it is all about planning for our next school year and getting ready for someone's first birthday!



  1. I love all of the pictures!! I think you got some great ones :) We're headed to Phoenix for a week tomorrow so I'm anticipating my blog being filled with sunny pool pictures soon too.

    You have such a beautiful family, Liz.

  2. What a cutie pie G is. Love how your hair is growing out too btw, have you had to have it shaped up along the way?

  3. It looks like a really fun vacation! :) LOVE all of the pics... The kiddos all look so cute! It really is a trade off to leave the DSLR behind, but I find it's also less stressful when you're out and about!