Capturing Milestones

In case you were wanting some chubby baby sweetness to start your weekend out right...
I took some pictures of my sweet Guinnyth in our back yard.  
I love her toothy grin and porcelain, white complexion.  

She has been taking lots of steps lately and just in the last few days is starting to prefer walking to crawling.
Transitions are part of growing, but man, I do not like having to guess what is wrong when it comes to babes.
Is she fussy because she's starting to wean herself from 4 feedings to 3 feedings per day, but still wants to nurse four times every once in awhile?
Is she fussy because she is working on just doing one nap, but she's still tired half way through our morning occasionally?
Is she fussy because she wants more real food and less of the baby snacks?

It is all a big question mark right now.
Transitions will do that to a mom- make her question everything regarding her little one.
It is best to remember that it will all work out, eventually.

Happy Weekend,

Back to School- Kindergarten

Ella is "off" to Kindergarten this year.  
I have been exited and nervous at the same time to start school.
We had such a great year last year that I have been a bit nervous that this year will be difficult.  You know... break me in a bit.  Plus, I have a baby that isn't napping 24/7 anymore, so she is all about being right in the middle of our business.

When you homeschool, you don't have a real need for cute back packs or lunch boxes.  
I did, however, buy Ella some new school supplies.
Nothing fancy, just something for her to be excited about.

She took some pictures in a new school outfit in front of our new school room chalkboard. 
More on the new school room later...

Liam was stoked to be in the pictures.  Can't you tell?
He did manage to put on a tie for the occasion.

Luckily, by the time we were finished with school for the morning, we hadn't had one melt down and Ella was begging for more school time!  I would say that was a successful first day!
I spent quite a bit of time talking to my group of homeschool moms about curriculum.
I finally landed on A Beka for phonics (grade 1), Horizons for math (grade K), and Heart of Dakota's Little Hearts for His Glory.
Little Hearts is a Bible, history, and science curriculum that focuses on a Bilbical world view.  There are a lot of classic books involved in the curriculum, which I like, because I am intrigued by the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling. I feel like the living books in this curriculum kind of get my toes wet with that style of learning.


Baby Dedication

On Saturday, we celebrated Guinnyth's sweet birthday.  Then, on Sunday we went to church and celebrated her life by dedicating her to the Lord.

Family came and shared in the day as we vowed to do our very best to raise her according to scripture.
And, what dedication would be complete without a round of applause?
Such a cutie!

Guinnyth managed to throw a few tantrums to draw attention to she and mommy, rip her head band off and throw it down on the stage (twice!), and she also spit up on the both of us while on stage- in front of the congregation (she NEVER spits up!!!).
Awww... I can already tell this little spirit is going to humble her momma in more ways than one!
I love her so much!


Celebration... Guinnyth is 1!

How did this happen?  I seriously feel like I have just given birth to my precious baby.
Life moves at lightening speed these days.  
I wanted to have a sweet, simply party for my little girl.
She brings so much life and sass to our little family, and I wanted to honor her.
We don't do big birthdays around here much.  The first birthday is the "party" birthday and from then on we keep it pretty low key.

We invited immediate family (grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins) to celebrate our little lady's life with us.
I put together a hot air balloon birthday for her.  
I worked with muted shades of blue, green, and peach.
It was perfect.

The kids loved the sprinkled mason jars.
The chalkboard took me quite a while to perfect.  I wasn't totally happy with it, but at some point, you just have to move on to the next project.

I had sandwiches and fresh fruit complete with a floral, hot air balloon centerpiece.
Want to know what the cheapest banner ever is- a chalkboard banner! 

We took some family photos on our porch.
Guinnyth isn't digging the pics.  I think she's ready for her first taste of sugar!

My sweet girl brings me so much joy.
She isn't afraid to keep me on my toes either.

She actually did pretty well opening presents. 
She got distracted, but all-in-all did fairly well.

Next up... the CAKE!

Ummm... yep.  She is a big fan of processed sugar. 
Look at that face!

It was a wonderful day filled with family and fun.
I cannot wait to spend another year watching our little lady grow.


Carried Away

There is a special discount code on She {hearts} It today for a Boba carrier.  
They are perfect for ladies and gents alike!

Slow Moments

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. 
When I think back to how life was a year ago, fully pregnant and rushing to finish a room for 
our third baby, it blows my mind that we are about to 
celebrate her first birthday.

I love that she fits into our family so seamlessly.  
The kids adore her.  Mark walks in the door from work and can't wait to steal 
a smile from her.  
I tote her around on my hip most of the time.

The days move at a sweet, slow pace around here.
I know things will speed up with school starting,
which makes me a little sad.
I love soaking up the little moments and not having anything pressing to tend to.

It is hard for me to picture my life any other way than the way it is now.
I love being home with my kids- even on the hard days.
I am pretty sure if I could freeze time, I would for a little bit, just to enjoy it a little longer.

Rain, Rain...Come Today!

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Simple Joys

It has been such a nice summer.  
It has been hot, but we have stayed cool with the help of a simple sprinkler.

I get to see this squishy face- which is too much for this momma's heart- dripping in water droplets.

It's the simple things that we love the most.
I haven't taken the kids to the pool that often (maybe next year... *fingers crossed*), so this is a great alternative to the pool.
They get to run around and be in the sunshine, which means they sleep really well! 

This little sweetie below spent her playtime in the playhouse watching her brother and sister.
She was squealing with joy watching her siblings play in the water.
I cannot wait until she gets to jump around in the sprinkler with them.
It's always so funny to watch kids the first time they get sprayed in the face.

Water fun will soon be ending and be replaced with hay rides and marshmallow roasting. 
We have had such a great summer- relaxing, quiet, and simple.
But, I am excited for fall.  I love my changing seasons!!


What has been your favorite summer activity?