Baby Dedication

On Saturday, we celebrated Guinnyth's sweet birthday.  Then, on Sunday we went to church and celebrated her life by dedicating her to the Lord.

Family came and shared in the day as we vowed to do our very best to raise her according to scripture.
And, what dedication would be complete without a round of applause?
Such a cutie!

Guinnyth managed to throw a few tantrums to draw attention to she and mommy, rip her head band off and throw it down on the stage (twice!), and she also spit up on the both of us while on stage- in front of the congregation (she NEVER spits up!!!).
Awww... I can already tell this little spirit is going to humble her momma in more ways than one!
I love her so much!



  1. Congratulations! Such a sweet post!

    Also, I'm dying at all the things she did on stage. Abigail practically ripped our pastor's glasses off his face while he was praying over her. Awkward...

  2. What gorgeous pictures - looks like a lovely day. We have had some priceless moments at church.

    Do hope you will share at this week's Friday Baby Shower - Alice @ Mums Make Lists