Back to School- Kindergarten

Ella is "off" to Kindergarten this year.  
I have been exited and nervous at the same time to start school.
We had such a great year last year that I have been a bit nervous that this year will be difficult.  You know... break me in a bit.  Plus, I have a baby that isn't napping 24/7 anymore, so she is all about being right in the middle of our business.

When you homeschool, you don't have a real need for cute back packs or lunch boxes.  
I did, however, buy Ella some new school supplies.
Nothing fancy, just something for her to be excited about.

She took some pictures in a new school outfit in front of our new school room chalkboard. 
More on the new school room later...

Liam was stoked to be in the pictures.  Can't you tell?
He did manage to put on a tie for the occasion.

Luckily, by the time we were finished with school for the morning, we hadn't had one melt down and Ella was begging for more school time!  I would say that was a successful first day!
I spent quite a bit of time talking to my group of homeschool moms about curriculum.
I finally landed on A Beka for phonics (grade 1), Horizons for math (grade K), and Heart of Dakota's Little Hearts for His Glory.
Little Hearts is a Bible, history, and science curriculum that focuses on a Bilbical world view.  There are a lot of classic books involved in the curriculum, which I like, because I am intrigued by the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling. I feel like the living books in this curriculum kind of get my toes wet with that style of learning.



  1. AH! I love this!! And too funny I just did my homeschool post last night haha! Complete with books on a black table bahahah! Great minds think alike:)

  2. Yay! Glad you all had a great day!! Love the chalkboard too :)

  3. I can't wait to hear more of how you like your curriculum. We'll start homeschool preschool next fall and I'm already having fun considering all of my options for Abigail :)

  4. Awww, hearing about A Beka brings back MEMORIES! I was so blessed to be home-schooled growing up. Just came across your blog and love it. You all are darling!

    1. yay! we are really liking A Beka so far. fingers crossed that it continues to go well. :)

  5. I will not be able to hold out to listen to more of how you like your program. We'll begin home school and pre-school next drop and Now i am presently possessing fun thinking of all....

  6. awwww love it! Happy school year!