Capturing Milestones

In case you were wanting some chubby baby sweetness to start your weekend out right...
I took some pictures of my sweet Guinnyth in our back yard.  
I love her toothy grin and porcelain, white complexion.  

She has been taking lots of steps lately and just in the last few days is starting to prefer walking to crawling.
Transitions are part of growing, but man, I do not like having to guess what is wrong when it comes to babes.
Is she fussy because she's starting to wean herself from 4 feedings to 3 feedings per day, but still wants to nurse four times every once in awhile?
Is she fussy because she is working on just doing one nap, but she's still tired half way through our morning occasionally?
Is she fussy because she wants more real food and less of the baby snacks?

It is all a big question mark right now.
Transitions will do that to a mom- make her question everything regarding her little one.
It is best to remember that it will all work out, eventually.

Happy Weekend,

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