Simple Joys

It has been such a nice summer.  
It has been hot, but we have stayed cool with the help of a simple sprinkler.

I get to see this squishy face- which is too much for this momma's heart- dripping in water droplets.

It's the simple things that we love the most.
I haven't taken the kids to the pool that often (maybe next year... *fingers crossed*), so this is a great alternative to the pool.
They get to run around and be in the sunshine, which means they sleep really well! 

This little sweetie below spent her playtime in the playhouse watching her brother and sister.
She was squealing with joy watching her siblings play in the water.
I cannot wait until she gets to jump around in the sprinkler with them.
It's always so funny to watch kids the first time they get sprayed in the face.

Water fun will soon be ending and be replaced with hay rides and marshmallow roasting. 
We have had such a great summer- relaxing, quiet, and simple.
But, I am excited for fall.  I love my changing seasons!!


What has been your favorite summer activity?


  1. Oh to be a child again and spend hot days running through the sprinklers! I can't wait until my Noah is old enough to run through. These are beautiful pictures!

  2. oh how fun this looks!!! Running and playing in the sprinkler is one of my favorite childhood memories... and look at that adorable face on your little one!!! How precious!

  3. Your garden looks amazing.... I'm a little jealous :)