31 Days // Morning Quiet Time

There is that sweet time.
Right before the house starts to stir and pitter-patters run about the halls.
The sun drips in through the windows and I prepare my heart for a full day.
A day bursting with endless chatter, crumbs, dirty faces, fresh air, and lots and lots of wet kisses.

-Wet kisses from little faces are the best kind.
They give without the expectation of receiving anything but reciprocated love.-

Quiet time.
A time to calm my mind and focus on my one goal for the day.
Hear me- One goal.
Lavishing love on my kids all to bring glory to the God who created such love.

To live simply and sweetly,
the goal of the day must be clear.
Whether your kids are with you all day, or whether they hail a bus bright and early,
the one main goal for each home should be to love without expectation.

So simple, yet at times, seemingly difficult.
That is why my best days always begin with quiet time.
Basking in the presence of the One who makes all things new.
The One who trains my mind and my heart to think and love in a way this world can't understand.

Simple and Sweet Living  Quiet Time


  1. I love my quiet time early in the morning. It's always a good start to my day. :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I love quiet time... Although I've been finding it very hard to get lately.

  3. I really, really love quiet time...but it never seems to work for me. The earlier I wake up the earlier everyone else wakes up :( Four kids all awake by 530 AM today -- and we homeschool so its not like we had to be anywhere *sigh*. I'm looking forward to reading this....great topic!

  4. I felt peace just READING about your quiet time, Liz. I know how hard it can be with 3 little ones to find that order. You're a great mom! We are just so proud of you and so happy to have your beautiful family in our church family.