31 Days // The Way to their Hearts

They find me... in the kitchen.
It is one of their favorite tasks to join in on.
It is simply part of our experience as a family.

Being in the kitchen together helps me to grow in patience 
when they spill the flour all over or splatter the batter on the floor. 
 Sometimes, there is the infamous, "Ugh..." that slips out.  
It might seem like including kids in the cooking process makes things complicated, not simple, 
but it is simple in the joy it brings about.

Without little bodies on my counter 
(now I have three little bodies that beg to encroach upon my territory), 
I would be alone. 
They would be off somewhere else, 
making a mess of toys or crayons.

The more I cook with my kids, the better it gets.  
They learn the rules, and the spills and splatters get less and less.
At this place in our lives, they know they are welcome on my counter any time.
It sprinkles a little sweetness on our mornings.


  1. This is very true! I will say though, the other day Jim and Abigail ran an errand and I fixed up some food to take to a party. I got it done so fast! I was like WHOA how did THAT happen?? Then I realized it was because I was by myself ;)

    1. ummm... yep. so much quicker! it's nice to have some solitude- for sure!

  2. same here. and I love kids in the kitchen. the heart of the home indeed.

    1. i pretty much feel like i should just camp out in the kitchen. we're always in there! :) thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have really started to enjoy baking with my kids. cooking no. but baking yes. :)

    1. haha! the help while cooking will come eventually, i imagine. baking is easier b/c you don't have a bunch of knives on the counter for chopping and burners blazing. cooking is tricky with littles. :)