Archiving Moments

Every so often, I grab my camera and carry it around with me for part of the day.
I love getting non-posed pictures that depict what life is really like in our home.
I don't want to forget the little things that make my days so special and sweet.
Guinnyth needs her quiet time.
She needs time to explore and learn, but many times, she is drawn into her siblings' imaginative play. 
She loves being close to her sister and brother.

Usually, Liam is smothering her, but on this day I had to get some shots of Guinnyth interrupting his playtime.
He was chatting about tractors and combines, pretending to leave his house to go work in the field.
Apparently, she was going to help him in his field. 
He couldn't get out the door without her.
In case you were curious, almost every day he wears his tie.
His boots are becoming an every day staple as well.

Our little dancer.
Ella spins and twirls at least several times a day.
She loves to dance and is quite serious about perfecting her arabesque.
Today, Guinnyth couldn't resist- she had to be a part of the dance show.
Ella without hesitation, grabbed Guinn's arms and began dancing with her.
Eventually, it ended in a tickle session which Guinnyth can't get enough of.

It's the little things that bring life to our home.
The giggles, the imagination, the little voices...



  1. The tie!! I love it. He is awesome.

    And that last picture? Be still my heart.

  2. oh goodness the tie and the boots!!! and then the tutu... how fun!! I can't get enough of watching older children with their younger siblings... there is just something so incredibly endearing about seeing the love between them!!