Fall Frenzie Giveaway

It is Fall... finally! 
This is hands-down my favorite season (until spring rolls around).
I love the fashion, the weather, and the change of scenery.
I am so excited to be a part of a 

Fall Frenzie Giveaway!

I am partnering up with 18 other adorable bloggers...

...to bring you an amazing giveaway to celebrate Fall! The best part of this giveaway? There are NINE amazing prizes which means there will be NINE winners which also means your chances are pretty dang good in winning one of them! The first prize will be a $300 VISA GIFT-CARD to use for whatever the heck you want (I know, awesome!), as well as these eight fantastic gifts...

...from our eight fantastic sponsors (please go check out all of these sites, you'll love them!)

You want to enter? You can do so right here...
One of the nine winners will be chosen via Instagram as well. How you ask? Post about this giveaway using one of the pictures of the Fall loot above, and make sure you hashtag #fallgiveawaysarewhereitsat because that is how we will be choosing the winner.
May the luck be on your side!
Thank you to all of the sponsors and bloggers. You all rock.



  1. Is there suppose to be a rafflecopter for the giveaway or is my computer not loading correctly?