Schooling with my Homies...

I have had several people ask about our curriculum and what our mornings are like during the school year, so I will try to get that blogged soon. 
Maybe a video of our morning showing clips here and there? Interested?
I am bad about having several posts one week, and then a major break the next.
Sorry about that... I am going to try and be more consistent when it comes to this space.

Liam has always wanted to be a part of our school morning.  It doesn't matter if I have activities or just paper with crayons... he wants to be involved. 

I have been sneaking into Baby G's room almost every morning to snap a picture of her in her sweet slumber.  What is better than watching your own babe sleeping?  Not much in my book.  Thankfully, she has been napping during most of our morning school time which helps out tremendously.

Lately, I have been indulging in Rudabegga's Cold Brew.
I don't like super sweet drinks.  I prefer black coffee, so this works perfectly for my taste buds.
It has flavor, but not sweetness.  

And, then there is this character.  Always keeping it real.  He loves his giraffe glasses.
I like them, too.


Would you be interested in a short video of our morning school time?  Yes? No?


  1. So jealous of your baby sleeping! Mine all hate naps and the 3 month old only takes short ones! Love the school time though. I'd love a peek at your curriculum and schedule!

  2. I always enjoy ANY time I get to see your person OR on video! :)

  3. Have you tried Trader Joe's cold brew?? Awesome.

    1. Thank you for the info!!, I WILL look into that! :)