Sounds of our Home

We have a rhythm in our home.
Our days are all pretty much the same.
The kids wake up and watch a show while I get up and moving.

Slowly the house starts to wake and get noisy. 
Breakfast usually happens right away. 
Liam is always hungry first thing in the morning.  Maybe it's a boy thing.
Getting dressed, making beds, and brushing teeth is soon to follow.

We usually start school around 9 o'clock.
We settle into the schoolroom until we are finished.
By then it's snack time and all the littles are huddled around my legs as I dish out a snack in the kitchen.

The morning gets finished off with a marathon of  "Mommy & Daddy" playtime by the big kids where I hear little voices calling each other "Liz & Mark" while tending to their imaginary household chores.  
Sometimes, the baby joins in as well.  Usually, I find her sneaking off to a quiet place to play independently.

Mornings are such a sweet time for me.  
I love the slow pace we have set in our home. 



  1. They are all so cute! Sounds like a wonderful morning! :)

  2. I adore that you can still manage to have a "slow paced" morning in a house with 4 littles. Inspiring!

  3. the sounds of those sweet. Your babes are so cute! I would love if you would come share this at Everything Wild & Lovely :)