It's sweet...
sharing my day with these three little people.

I leave in a few weeks to spend a brief amount of time with some of my girl friends from high school.
The friendship we all share is one of those that, even though we haven't talked in months,
when we get together we spend hours giggling and loving one another as if no time had separated us at all.
It is going to also be a time for us to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

I must say, even though I am super pumped to spend time with my gals, 
I have a crazy amount of anxiety about not being with my kiddos and my hubby.
Actually, very rarely do I feel like I need a break from my life.
I truly love the calling God has given me.

I am not going away because I feel like I need to "get away" from it all.
I am taking this trip because I feel like it is important to invest in friendships, as well as invest in family.
We are all scattered about these days, and this past year has been pretty hard on our friendship(s)- 
not seeing each other at all.

I have a tendency to put all my eggs in one basket.
To place all my stock in my family and the relationship(s) we have with each other.
Sometimes, it is important to place our focus elsewhere, for just a moment, and nurture other things.

I guess this is my way of giving myself permission to love and enjoy my girls.
Permission to not feel guilty leaving my day-to-day at home and letting someone else love on my kids.
Permission to relax and breath a little deeper...


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  1. You have a beautiful family. Enjoy you're girls getaway.. you will come home to hugs and kisses and stories of misadventures and hilarity.. :)