31 Days // Back to our Roots

Our roots are so far gone,
I am not sure how to even find them.

The discipline of my Nene and mother's generation are
so lost on me that I am not sure how to even return to it.

The gift of cooking from scratch while tending to the garden,
hanging out laundry, and mopping floors while on all fours
is only a story I remember being told about.

It seems like a full schedule of domestic labor would create confusion,
but I think it just might add simplicity.
Flour dusted on the counters and little people waiting at the oven with delight in their eyes.
Satisfaction that brings sweetness to a momma's heart.
The swollen cheeks, puffed up with a momma's hard work.
Seems simple enough to me.

31 Days // Memories on the Wall


My heart has changed.
I used to want to decorate my home with trinkets and perfect family pictures.
While those things are all very lovely,
it's not what my heart wants these days.

Memories up on the wall.
Passions captured on film and smiled over in the days to come.
Little hearts filled with joy as they 
run to repeat the memory over and over.

That is my desire,
to make our living a little sweeter.
To sweeten it with memories, not simple poses.

31 Days // Take It In

It goes by too fast.
The short amount of time we have to love on and influence them.
I have heard it many times,

"The days creep by, 
but the years, they fly."

It is so true.
And, if I am not careful, 
I miss all the sweetness tucked in between the creeping and flying.

There are special things happening right now.
Things that I am not sure how long they will last for.
How much longer will they play "mommy & daddy" together?
How much longer will my precious one snuggle with me before resting?
How much longer will my guy continue to say "noc-lears" for antlers?
How much longer will my first born twirl in the living room begging me to watch?

These things won't last forever.
Take it in.
Take it in.
It is the sweetness and simplicity of it all that makes it worth stopping for.

31 Days // Calming the Storm

we need to calm ourselves.
Attitudes are running rampant and we need to settle our souls a little bit.

It's the perfect way to bring everyone together,
snuggle in,
and get lost for a little while.

When I need to rest-
when the littles need to regroup-
when the house needs to quiet for a moment,

It offers time to giggle in unison when Llama's momma is in a tizzy.
 Or, hope when the Little Engine is puffing up the hill.
Or, worry when the little duck can't find his momma.
It brings us together and gives us a fresh start.


31 Days // Dance a Little Dance with Me

It's important that not everything be so serious all the time.
It's important that we all learn to relax and simply be.

We love music.
We love to sing in the car 
and I usually sing in the shower, accompanied by a sweet, guitar boy.
My kids have a cd player that they use to play all their 
songs on when they are playing in their rooms.

It's interesting how music can lighten the load of the day.
School is over and we pop in "Hide It in Your Heart."
Instantaneously, hands are being held, spinning in circles.
Little legs are bouncing up and down, trying not to loose balance and topple over.
Giggles begin and then, before we know it, we're all on the floor laughing about nothing.

It's funny...
how music seems to lighten the load.

31 Days // The Way to their Hearts

They find me... in the kitchen.
It is one of their favorite tasks to join in on.
It is simply part of our experience as a family.

Being in the kitchen together helps me to grow in patience 
when they spill the flour all over or splatter the batter on the floor. 
 Sometimes, there is the infamous, "Ugh..." that slips out.  
It might seem like including kids in the cooking process makes things complicated, not simple, 
but it is simple in the joy it brings about.

Without little bodies on my counter 
(now I have three little bodies that beg to encroach upon my territory), 
I would be alone. 
They would be off somewhere else, 
making a mess of toys or crayons.

The more I cook with my kids, the better it gets.  
They learn the rules, and the spills and splatters get less and less.
At this place in our lives, they know they are welcome on my counter any time.
It sprinkles a little sweetness on our mornings.

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31 Days // When the Lights Go Out

Starting the day with a clear mind and heart- free from the clutter from yesterday.
So sweet.

My last evening task, before soaking in the sweet faces of my little dreamers,
is to make sure my home is in order.
Nothing starts my day off worse than waking to a sink full of dishes, pillows on the floor surrounding the sofa, and clothes baskets full of wrinkled laundry.

There have been evenings that I didn't practice this principle, and instead of smiling at the little faces greeting me in the early morning, I was grumbling and shooing them away so I could tidy what was left from the last day's mess.

My rest is so much sweeter when I know I get to start the next day fresh and clean.
Not only does my heart need a new beginning, but my home needs a new beginning as well.
I love seeing toys around and knowing that I have six sets of hands that enjoy them,
but when I wake in the morning and prepare myself for the day ahead,
I need a clean slate- completely.

31 Days // Simple Routine

There is a sweet flow to our home.
I have written about it before.
Our mornings run like a well-oiled machine.

I have found through much trial and error, 
that life in our home thrives on order.
We all appreciate the small details of our day.

That doesn't mean that our routine isn't flexible.
We love swinging at the park or visiting friends on a whim.
But, we always come back to what feels right.

I love when there is chaos in my heart and the Lord brings order and calm to my heart with simple truths.
He hasn't left me.
He will lift my face to meet his gaze when it is time.
He will heal all wounds.
He is in control.

When there is chaos in our home, it is up to me to bring order back.
That might mean several days at home, getting that routine back in place.
I love how routine brings such simplicity to our lives.

31 Days // A Life Full of "No"

I can't quite explain how time works.
When I was younger, it felt as if time were never ending.
I could have a list of to-dos and I just knew I'd have oodles of time to complete my tasks.

As I mature, time matures with me.
It is clear that time certainly does end and that I don't possess an unlimited supply of time.
I choose to live my life as simply and sweet as I can.

I have mastered the art of saying, "No."
The only way I mastered that art is by having a history full of ,"Yeses," 
that robbed me of a life full of sweet simplicity.

I have come to realize that I don't have time to always say, "Yes."
I will, hopefully, have time for that in the distant future,
but for now... my life must be full of, "Nos."

Chaos can wait until a day when I don't have little eyes and hearts needing my attention.
That day will come quickly enough.  There isn't an endless supply of time.
My time will eventually run out.
I want it to be filled to the brim with kindness, gentleness, and patience-
those things that will surpass the hands of time.