31 Days // Calming the Storm

we need to calm ourselves.
Attitudes are running rampant and we need to settle our souls a little bit.

It's the perfect way to bring everyone together,
snuggle in,
and get lost for a little while.

When I need to rest-
when the littles need to regroup-
when the house needs to quiet for a moment,

It offers time to giggle in unison when Llama's momma is in a tizzy.
 Or, hope when the Little Engine is puffing up the hill.
Or, worry when the little duck can't find his momma.
It brings us together and gives us a fresh start.



  1. So familiar with the need to do this...and I can imagine I'll need it all the more as my little guy gets older and we add more to the bunch :)

    1. It keeps me grounded... this practice of reading. Thank you for your sweet comment. :)

  2. Oh yes. Reading is the best for that. Plus, I always seem to get some good snuggles out of the deal too :)

  3. I'm chuckling at this because the evening Dennis and I watched your kids, whenever things would get a little "wild" I would pull out a book, and things settled down rather "quick-ly!" ;) Once the book was finished, we could start over on a little calmer note. We had a blast watching your kids! Hope we get to do it again soon! Don't let Pastor David have ALL the fun!!! :P