31 Days // Simple Routine

There is a sweet flow to our home.
I have written about it before.
Our mornings run like a well-oiled machine.

I have found through much trial and error, 
that life in our home thrives on order.
We all appreciate the small details of our day.

That doesn't mean that our routine isn't flexible.
We love swinging at the park or visiting friends on a whim.
But, we always come back to what feels right.

I love when there is chaos in my heart and the Lord brings order and calm to my heart with simple truths.
He hasn't left me.
He will lift my face to meet his gaze when it is time.
He will heal all wounds.
He is in control.

When there is chaos in our home, it is up to me to bring order back.
That might mean several days at home, getting that routine back in place.
I love how routine brings such simplicity to our lives.


  1. This is beautiful. And timely. Thank you xx

  2. Routine is the major key in our house. If we away too far from it we reallllly feel it!