31 Days // Take It In

It goes by too fast.
The short amount of time we have to love on and influence them.
I have heard it many times,

"The days creep by, 
but the years, they fly."

It is so true.
And, if I am not careful, 
I miss all the sweetness tucked in between the creeping and flying.

There are special things happening right now.
Things that I am not sure how long they will last for.
How much longer will they play "mommy & daddy" together?
How much longer will my precious one snuggle with me before resting?
How much longer will my guy continue to say "noc-lears" for antlers?
How much longer will my first born twirl in the living room begging me to watch?

These things won't last forever.
Take it in.
Take it in.
It is the sweetness and simplicity of it all that makes it worth stopping for.

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