Resisting the "Norm"

There are some seasons in life that are just plain busy.
We are preparing for Thanksgiving and Ella's sixth birthday. 
It is all so exciting and busy.
After that, it will be time for Christmas.

I am not ashamed to say it is one of my favorite times of year.
Not because of the presents.
But because it seems like most people have a joy that is sometimes missing the rest of the year.
Families come together and celebrate.

Sometimes, this special and sweet time can be difficult.
We always struggle with how much "stuff" our little ones accumulate from all of our gatherings.
It becomes quite overwhelming.
Pretty soon, it becomes what Christmas is known for.

We are slowly establishing what we want for our Christmas traditions.
We have never desired that it be about the presents.
We occasionally discuss gifts, but we talk about giving more times than not.
We talk about our Savior and his birth- what a great gift.

It's amazing how subltly the world creeps into our lives and steals away the good.
It slowly and intentionally makes Christmas about receiving and spending.
It becomes a gluttonous occasion, instead of a season to marvel at our Saving Grace. 
We are working on it... it is slow coming, but we are laying the framework that will
hopefully leave our kids with memories of giving and sharing.

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  1. I just did OCC with Abigail for the first time this year. I just loved it. I'm already excited for next year!