There is a Calm, somewhere...


Sometimes it's quiet around here.
We spend our time watching The Wizard of Oz and eat sliced up pears.
There's a lot of crumbs on the floor and toys and crayons spilled everywhere.
And, with that, I don't have much time to sneak away and write.

I have been praying a lot.
Praying for our home and those who live in it.
Praying for our friends who are struggling,
and for family that needs the Lord to scoop them up.

We are preparing for family to come visit this weekend.
Mark will get to spend some time with his brother,
and the kids and I will hang out with my sister and the four girls that always tag along with her.
It will be time that is much needed and will leave me wishing they all lived closer.

 They will leave and life will get back into the busy rhythm that accompanies the holiday season.
It is going to be an exciting next month, or so, for us.
We have a lot going on- family time, musical tickets, birthday parties, Christmas parties-
you name it, we are probably doing it!

I'm soaking up the slowness before the chaos.


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  1. Beautiful photos. I hope your holiday season is well balanced and tons of fun! ;)