When Will She Stop...

... growing up?
I love seeing her become her own little person, 
but the older she gets,
the harder it is for me to see her as the little baby I brought home six years ago.

The first six weeks were some of the worst.
Not because of her, but because I had no idea what I had got myself into.
She came and rocked my world- hard.

She was always very attached to me as a baby.
She rarely even ventured onto her daddy's lap until she was two years old.
It was always me and this girl- doing life together.

She grew in so many ways when her baby brother was thrown into the mix.
She loved on her daddy in a whole new way,
and became more independent of mommy.

Then, she became a big sister again.
This time, it was a little girl we brought home.
When I was pregnant she kept telling me it was a girl.
Then, when Guinnyth was born, I got a big I told you so.

She helps me in so many ways.
She constantly teaches me about Christ.
She is always talking about Him to her siblings.
Sometimes, in public, she will just start preaching the Word to random people.
It's a gift.
I want to hush her, but then I realize that God made her to glorify His name to all the nations.

She is loved beyond measure.
I had no idea what this one little girl would do to me.
How she would prepare me to love her brother and sister so much better than I could have had she not made me a mother in the first place.

It's always bitter-sweet to watch her grow.
It's exciting and new,
but it also erases a little of the past I had always wanted to hold onto.
The sweet coo-ing she made as a baby.
The way her rolls lined up behind her little hands.
The voice that God gave her that made me melt in my tracks when she spoke.

All those things are getting harder, and harder to remember.
Her baby voice is getting replaced by her almost six year old giggles.
And, when I think about it, I guess I'm okay with that.


  1. She is unbelieveable gorgeous, Liz.

    My little one is turning 3 on Tuesday. I'm having all of these same thoughts...just a few years behind!

  2. Oh my, this was beautiful. Tears in my eyes! My little guy is only almost a year, but it's still so bittersweet watching him get older.