A Winter Break

The Quick Journey has been dark for a few months.
I have wanted to post, but life has been, well- life.
I love blogging, but sometimes it is too much with everything else going on.
I have good reason for being absent, though, and I hope that my posting can be more predictable again.

December was exciting in so many ways. 
We stayed home- a lot.
We had quite a bit of snow which meant that we did some sledding and snow angel making.
Guinnyth liked being outside, but preferred being in momma's arms.
The boots she had on were a little big and the snow was fairly deep,
so it made it hard for her to even walk.

We managed to stay on track with school,
 but we definitely slowed things down since life was so busy already.
I fully intend to get a vlog done about our homeschool morning, but just haven't been able to get it done.
Anyone who has done a vlog- pointers??? video editing tips???

Here's to my back-to-blogging comeback! 


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  1. If you have a mac, I've filmed my vlogs directly in iMovie ... Makes editing so much easier, and it doesn't flip the screen like photobooth does. Good luck!! :)