The Daily Dose

Life has been pretty good around here the past week.
We have *fingers crossed* managed to stay fairly healthy this winter,
and I have been praying that it would stay that way.
I have been the not-so-happy recipient of the flu with all three of my past pregnancies,
and I am banking on this being the one pregnancy to break that tradition.

Yesterday, I packed up my crew and left the house at 7:30 for dentist appointments.
We are certainly up by then, but not quite ready to put on shoes and jet out the door.
As I was signing us in, the receptionist asked if there were any medical conditions preventing me from
getting my x-rays.  I, with a smile, told her we were expecting a baby!
She smile and congratulated me.

Then, she asked if I was babysitting the kids I brought with me!
I truly laughed out loud and said, "Nope, they're all mine!"
Her mouth dropped and it is a moment I hope I never forget.
It was so funny to see her reaction.

Mornings are starting to feel normal again.
I am feeling more energized and the kids are getting back into the swing of things.
It is so nice to feel like I can accomplish even small tasks.
I have cooked every night for the past week and it has felt so refreshing.
We are still waiting on warmer weather,
which is still a ways away, 
but we have bundled up and gone outside some this week to get fresh air.

Happy Tuesday!

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