The Lingering Race

My heart was moved the other day.
I rarely make heartfelt posts on facebook.
Usually, I save that for this space,
because that is what I have made it... a place for my heart to be able to be open up.

But, the other day I decided to allow myself to be vulnerable.
This past week has been a week of odd reflection for me.
A week of looking into the past and separating what has mattered from what has not.
A week of realization-
Of what our real purpose for living is meant to be.

I have such a blessed life.
I spend it with the most precious works of His.
He made no mistakes putting our family together.
It is His perfectly, imperfect masterpiece.

Sometimes it is messy.
It is full of fussy attitudes, bickering, and disagreements.
Then, it is redeemed by warm smiles and sweet giggles while cuddling together on the couch.
Perfectly, imperfect.

"I try to live most days being truly present, but there are those days that slip away and all I have done is race to the end. I don't want to spend my days racing. I want the memory of what it feels like to cradle the warm little bodies God has blessed me with to really linger. I want to listen to the witty jokes and realize how lucky I am God made him my partner for this life. Life is too short to being racing through." 

A mama lost her child this past week.
I cried- big, sobbing tears.
I cried because for that mama, there is pain.
And, even though I am not the one who lost... the Lord put something in we mamas to connect us.
I felt the most minute amount of her pain as I imagined being in her shoes.
And it was unbearable.

Then, I prayed.
I rejoiced for the baby girl who is now nestled in the crook of Jesus' arm-
safe and warm.
I prayed for those left behind- healing, comfort, peace.
I thanked God that I was placed in their life for this short time
 so I would have the opportunity to pray on their behalf.

We say life is short,
but in God's reality...
Life is just as it's supposed to be.
His timing is perfect timing.

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  1. I love that, "I don't want to spend my days racing," So true, honest, and powerful!