Things for Today

The weather keeps switching up on us here in the midwest.
I am sure we have a couple more months to enjoy the warm-freezing trend going on right now.

January and February just seem to creep along.
I love a slow paced life, but these two months move a little too slow for even me.
When a warm day hits- we throw on our coats, hats, and gloves and dash outside for some fresh air.
When the cold fronts arrive, we are hunkered down for days on end.

During my first trimester, I got out of the habit of including the kids in chores.
Actually, the entire house spiraled out of control and now I have a heaping mess to get back into order.
This last week, I enlisted my mini-helpers once again and we are back into training.
They cleaned the chalkboard for me and have been tackling the dishwasher and
dinner table area for the last few days.

This weekend, they once again were put in charge of putting their clean clothes 
back into drawers after I washed them.
Tooth paste.
Need I say more???
Kids and tooth paste equal disaster for the bathroom sinks.
They now have the distinct pleasure of cleaning up their own tooth paste splatter and residue
three times a week.
It's amazing how those few simple things make my life a little easier.

Goat's milk soap.
Have you tried it?
I have been using goat's milk soap for about six months now,
and I love it!
It moisturizes so well and my favorite scent is eucalyptus.
It clears my sinuses and wakes me right up.
It's like a little trip to the spa.
I have used a few different brands, 
but right now I am using the Zum brand from Hy-vee since I ran out and needed more.

Target helps me in so many ways.
Although, it usually does not help me to NOT spend money.
I am sure I am not the only one who has a difficult time walking out of there without spending $50 more than I had planned on spending in the first place.

And, it's usually the tempting dollar section that gets me.
I can thing of a way to use everything in the little dollar bins.
Sneaky marketing...

I recently bought Liam some opposite and rhyming cards from there and they
have proven to be quite good investments.
He loves them and can do them all on his own while Ella and I do school.

My last little tid-bit is for the foodies out there.
I have been making these oatmeal balls for several weeks now and we LOVE them!
They are a much healthier alternative to sugary snacks and cookies.
I posted this on instagram and got several replies from other moms
who always keep them on hand,
so we aren't the only ones who recommend them!

1 cup dry oatmeal
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup chocolate chips (mini)
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
1/3 cup honey
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix, roll into balls, keep in refrigerator!


  1. I'm with you on the colder months seeming to creep by! Our house is a mess right now too, btw! Those energy balls are great. They can be nut-free too if you use sunflower seed butter.

    1. Yes! I sit here and wait, impatiently, for spring to arrive. I will have to make those nut-free for a family that I know who has nut allergies!!! Several people have said they put coconut in them, too!