Weekend Links // Finds, Food, Fashion, & Inspiration

I love sharing good reads with y'all.
I have read several this week during my (limited) free time
and I thought I would share them with you.

I found a great deal on scarves through a link on Money Saving Mom.
Cents of Style is offering scarves for less than $7.00/scarf (with FREE shipping!!!)!
AND, when you purchase one using the code WINTERSALE,
you get offered a special scarf to add to your cart for only $1.99!
You better believe I scooped a few up and spent less than $7 a piece!
I will hold them back and use them for Christmas next year.
FYI~ You don't see the savings until you put the code in during check-out.  
Also, you really should follow Money Saving Mom so you don't miss out on other great deals!

I am really wanting to try these Cranberry-Orange Muffins Aliesha posted about on her blog.
I haven't tried them yet, but I have yet to try one of her recipes and it not be super satisfying.
They look so yummy, and I am always looking for new muffins to make for the kids as an easy breakfast.

I have been trying to get into thrifting for quite some time now.
I think it is such a great way to find unique things for a great price.
I am not the best at thrifting clothes, though.
I need a thrift coach to come help me... any takers???
This is a post that shows a head to toe look all from a thrift store!
I am hoping there will be more posts like this in the future!

There are times as a momma, wife, and even blogger that I feel like a failure.
I loved this article (even though it doesn't completely relate to me) because it was about failures not always being failures, but a difficult step in the right direction.

The Happenings

Along with my growing belly comes the need for bedtime support.
Which also means that myself and all my "support" take up well over 3/4 of the bed.
Good thing I am only pregnant for a few months. :)

One thing I am really wanting is a Bump Nest pillow.
I have one from Boppy that I used for my last two pregnancies, 
but I don't think it is as nice as the Bump Nest pillows.
I actually washed my Boppy according to their directions,
and it came out all lumpy and bumpy.
Total bummer.
I have read nothing but great reviews on the Bump Nest pillows.
I guess since this is my last baby, I will have to make due.
But, if you are in the market for one...
this it the one I would spend my money on!

I received several emails asking me to do an update 
on the curriculum we chose for Ella this year.
I did a (very rough) vlog last week to recap 
what we use and how it has worked for us.

I am in dire need of cleaning and purging in regards to my kiddos' toys.
They just keep multiplying and it is driving me batty.
It will take me a good day to get that done.  
I always think that it will take an hour, or so,
and then I am still cranking away six hours later.
I am speedy when it comes to cleaning,
but organizing is a different story.

Homeschool Curriculum- Vlog

I have had several people email me over the past 9 months asking about
the curriculum I picked for Ella and how I decided on what I chose.
I already did a post about it when the school year began,
so I decided to do a Vlog so I could answer questions about
the curriculums and how they have worked for us thus far.  

This is my first vlog, so it is pretty rough and a bit lengthy (15 minutes).
I start with how I picked the curriculum-
Then I touch on how I use the curriculums and 
how our school morning is organized-
Next I give you a few websites to check out for free packets and supplemental tools
to use for your homeschool day.

I hope the video worked for you and that my non-professionalism wasn't too distracting. :)
If you have any questions you would like answered (homeschool or otherwise),
 please leave them in the comments or email me at
and I will try to answer them in a follow up video or post.

Here are the links for the websites I  mentioned:

Half Way There- Baby #4

 Can you believe it?
We are half way through this pregnancy.
The last few weeks have been pretty seamless as far as the baby is concerned.
I feel it move about and I am starting to pop.

This picture was taken in the morning.
By evening time, I have quite the pooch.
The kids love when my belly sticks out and they can tell I am growing.

We went to our 20 week sonogram this week.  
We saw our sweet little baby and for the first time...
we found out the gender!

It is so odd to know what "it" is.
Every time the gender has been revealed to us,
the baby was in my arms.
This time, we just saw a wiggling little body with the perfect little profile.

If you follow me on Instagram,
then you already know that we are expecting a 
in early July!
We are over the moon about her,
and we know she will be the perfect ending to our sweet family.
Now, I am more excited than ever to meet her.

Monday Morning Rambling

 We have been experiencing small victories at our house lately.
For starters, my kids have made the transition from "instant oatmeal" to "homemade oatmeal."
Like I said, small victories.
I was in the habit of buying premade packets of oatmeal and just splashing in hot water
to make it oatmeal consistency.
The kids were so used to it that when I tried to actually make oatmeal,
 they turned their noses up.
I have slowly reintroduced the real deal oatmeal in the mornings.
 I cook the oatmeal and then add in real maple syrup and some brown sugar.
They have finally taken a liking to it and haven't even asked for the packets again.

Another small victory, which is still in the food realm...
maple syrup.
I am not talking about Aunt Jemima's (although, hers is tasty).
Have you had real maple syrup?
It does taste different.
The consistency and flavor is nothing like artificial syrup.
I usually make pancakes once or twice a week for the kids,
so that ends up being quite a bit of syrup they are eating.
Again, slowly, I have been transitioning them off of artificial syrup and over to 100% maple syrup.
We aren't quite there yet, but we're making progress.

Ella is getting so independent with schoolwork.
She asked last week if she could read her own directions and 
do her workbook pages on her own.
She did great and felt so proud of herself.
That small feat has allowed me to have so much more time to devote to Liam.
Since I don't have to sit and read directions to Ella, wait for her to complete the task at hand, read more directions... wait, directions, wait directions...
I get more opportunities to support Liam's learning.
 He has two leapfrog workbooks that I got for $1/each at Target that he does while I do 
instruction time with Ella.
Then, once she is set with her workbook pages, 
we head to the couch and work on a letter a day with the Reading-Eggs online program.
I am only doing a trial right now, but so far- so good!

Small victories are still victories, right?

Friday Favorites

We have had a busy, yet relaxing week.
I will be honest, I love the weekdays.
I don't find myself craving the weekends like I did when I was younger.
I love the structure and flow of our weekdays.
I do, however, really look forward to Mark being home all day long.

I was wanting to share a few links with
everybody to peruse this weekend.
I feel like there is never anything to watch on tv during the weekends,
so I love having links to check out after the kiddos are tucked in.

 Ham & Cheese Pockets
I am preparing myself for a day, or two, of freezer cooking.
I found this recipe and made it this week.
It went over really well and I think it would be great for rushed lunches and suppers.
It isn't necessarily "healthy," but it is much better than many other alternatives.
It is also super conservative on the money side of things.

If you are a blogger and haven't found this site yet...
jump in!
I have been reading HowTheyBlog for awhile now and really
enjoy the tips and insight!
Motherhood is Hard
Motherhood is tough.
This post is a very real look at how we sometimes feel.
 She has a way with words, and the photography is perfection.

Have a good weekend.
Share any good links you have stumbled across in the comments!
We can all peruse together!

I am left with the White Stuff

It snowed, guys.
It snowed quite a bit, 
considering we already had a few inches from this weekend hanging around.
This mama might be just a little bit tired of the cold and snow.

The kids get to play outside, which is nice.
It will be a different story when the inches melt and we are left with days and days
of wet, sloppy, muddy slush laying around.
The kids will be cooped up again and chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

The nice thing about right now,
is that the older two love playing in the snow.
They will stay out for a good hour (pending it isn't too cold)
and frolic around.

There is just something about knowing they
got exercise and some "outdoor" time that makes me happy.
Is that weird?

Spring weather is still a couple of months away for us,
so I am trying to not let myself get too giddy
for it to get here.
I want to enjoy the snow, even though I am quite tired of it by now.

I know that come August, I will be hoping for 
cooler weather and a break from the heat.

It's Monday...

It's Monday again.
Mark asks me often (usually after he has watched the kids solo for a morning or afternoon)
if my days creep by.
He comments about how he loves being with his kids (he is so good to give them time and attention),
but he wasn't made to stay home and take care of them 24/7.

I love it most days.
There are always those days that leave me weary by the time the kids lay down for the night,
but those days come in small waves 
and are filled with a whole lot of goodness in the middle.

Being home is a huge blessing to me.
When living and surviving is so expensive,
it truly is a blessing to get to be with my kids all day long.
The Lord provides and Mark works 
really hard to make that happen.

Today was a Monday that followed a busy,
restless Sunday.
We went to church and then followed that up with a Super Bowl Party
that landed us home around 11 o'clock last night.

We all had such a great time chatting and hanging out,
it truly was a breath of fresh air.
Today though, whew!
Nap time couldn't come soon enough and I was praying for 
patience for myself and good attitudes for my kids- all. morning. long.

Although these days aren't my favorite,
and they certainly don't make life easier,
I do love the fresh perspective they give me.

If life were always lovely and sweet,
I fear that I wouldn't appreciate the goodness of my life.
Having the yuckiness sprinkled in amongst the sweetness
makes life all the more sweeter in my book. 

So, I'm going to enjoy my tired, yucky Monday
and be all the more grateful for the sweet, blessed Tuesdays around the corner.

**How was your Monday??**