Friday Favorites

We have had a busy, yet relaxing week.
I will be honest, I love the weekdays.
I don't find myself craving the weekends like I did when I was younger.
I love the structure and flow of our weekdays.
I do, however, really look forward to Mark being home all day long.

I was wanting to share a few links with
everybody to peruse this weekend.
I feel like there is never anything to watch on tv during the weekends,
so I love having links to check out after the kiddos are tucked in.

 Ham & Cheese Pockets
I am preparing myself for a day, or two, of freezer cooking.
I found this recipe and made it this week.
It went over really well and I think it would be great for rushed lunches and suppers.
It isn't necessarily "healthy," but it is much better than many other alternatives.
It is also super conservative on the money side of things.

If you are a blogger and haven't found this site yet...
jump in!
I have been reading HowTheyBlog for awhile now and really
enjoy the tips and insight!
Motherhood is Hard
Motherhood is tough.
This post is a very real look at how we sometimes feel.
 She has a way with words, and the photography is perfection.

Have a good weekend.
Share any good links you have stumbled across in the comments!
We can all peruse together!


  1. Thank you for sharing, friend! And thank you for your kind words!

    1. I was so happy to share your post with my readers. :)