Half Way There- Baby #4

 Can you believe it?
We are half way through this pregnancy.
The last few weeks have been pretty seamless as far as the baby is concerned.
I feel it move about and I am starting to pop.

This picture was taken in the morning.
By evening time, I have quite the pooch.
The kids love when my belly sticks out and they can tell I am growing.

We went to our 20 week sonogram this week.  
We saw our sweet little baby and for the first time...
we found out the gender!

It is so odd to know what "it" is.
Every time the gender has been revealed to us,
the baby was in my arms.
This time, we just saw a wiggling little body with the perfect little profile.

If you follow me on Instagram,
then you already know that we are expecting a 
in early July!
We are over the moon about her,
and we know she will be the perfect ending to our sweet family.
Now, I am more excited than ever to meet her.


  1. Congrats!!!!! A sweet girl!!


  2. how exciting! Congrats!!
    I am 21 weeks and found out last week we are having a Girl also, it will be a change from just having my "almost" 5 yr old son.

    1. awww... congrats, sarah! that will be so exciting. and, a new adventure!

  3. Congratulations! So excited for you and your family!

    1. thank you! we are so excited! just one more "little one" to go steal candy from the jar at the bank. ;) lol

  4. um, ok, you are not allowed to be so tiny with your 4th baby, that is just not fair. How cute r u!!