Homeschool Curriculum- Vlog

I have had several people email me over the past 9 months asking about
the curriculum I picked for Ella and how I decided on what I chose.
I already did a post about it when the school year began,
so I decided to do a Vlog so I could answer questions about
the curriculums and how they have worked for us thus far.  

This is my first vlog, so it is pretty rough and a bit lengthy (15 minutes).
I start with how I picked the curriculum-
Then I touch on how I use the curriculums and 
how our school morning is organized-
Next I give you a few websites to check out for free packets and supplemental tools
to use for your homeschool day.

I hope the video worked for you and that my non-professionalism wasn't too distracting. :)
If you have any questions you would like answered (homeschool or otherwise),
 please leave them in the comments or email me at
and I will try to answer them in a follow up video or post.

Here are the links for the websites I  mentioned:

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