I am left with the White Stuff

It snowed, guys.
It snowed quite a bit, 
considering we already had a few inches from this weekend hanging around.
This mama might be just a little bit tired of the cold and snow.

The kids get to play outside, which is nice.
It will be a different story when the inches melt and we are left with days and days
of wet, sloppy, muddy slush laying around.
The kids will be cooped up again and chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

The nice thing about right now,
is that the older two love playing in the snow.
They will stay out for a good hour (pending it isn't too cold)
and frolic around.

There is just something about knowing they
got exercise and some "outdoor" time that makes me happy.
Is that weird?

Spring weather is still a couple of months away for us,
so I am trying to not let myself get too giddy
for it to get here.
I want to enjoy the snow, even though I am quite tired of it by now.

I know that come August, I will be hoping for 
cooler weather and a break from the heat.

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  1. I am also tired of snow by now--and I know myself well enough to know that I will love the August heat no matter how hot it is...but I am trying to enjoy snow as best as I can!