It's Monday...

It's Monday again.
Mark asks me often (usually after he has watched the kids solo for a morning or afternoon)
if my days creep by.
He comments about how he loves being with his kids (he is so good to give them time and attention),
but he wasn't made to stay home and take care of them 24/7.

I love it most days.
There are always those days that leave me weary by the time the kids lay down for the night,
but those days come in small waves 
and are filled with a whole lot of goodness in the middle.

Being home is a huge blessing to me.
When living and surviving is so expensive,
it truly is a blessing to get to be with my kids all day long.
The Lord provides and Mark works 
really hard to make that happen.

Today was a Monday that followed a busy,
restless Sunday.
We went to church and then followed that up with a Super Bowl Party
that landed us home around 11 o'clock last night.

We all had such a great time chatting and hanging out,
it truly was a breath of fresh air.
Today though, whew!
Nap time couldn't come soon enough and I was praying for 
patience for myself and good attitudes for my kids- all. morning. long.

Although these days aren't my favorite,
and they certainly don't make life easier,
I do love the fresh perspective they give me.

If life were always lovely and sweet,
I fear that I wouldn't appreciate the goodness of my life.
Having the yuckiness sprinkled in amongst the sweetness
makes life all the more sweeter in my book. 

So, I'm going to enjoy my tired, yucky Monday
and be all the more grateful for the sweet, blessed Tuesdays around the corner.

**How was your Monday??**

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  1. Mondays are always catch-up days for me! I really try to rest on Sundays and not do housework, so by Mondays things are sometimes looking pretty rough! Not to mention, the fridge and pantry need replenishing. :)