Monday Morning Rambling

 We have been experiencing small victories at our house lately.
For starters, my kids have made the transition from "instant oatmeal" to "homemade oatmeal."
Like I said, small victories.
I was in the habit of buying premade packets of oatmeal and just splashing in hot water
to make it oatmeal consistency.
The kids were so used to it that when I tried to actually make oatmeal,
 they turned their noses up.
I have slowly reintroduced the real deal oatmeal in the mornings.
 I cook the oatmeal and then add in real maple syrup and some brown sugar.
They have finally taken a liking to it and haven't even asked for the packets again.

Another small victory, which is still in the food realm...
maple syrup.
I am not talking about Aunt Jemima's (although, hers is tasty).
Have you had real maple syrup?
It does taste different.
The consistency and flavor is nothing like artificial syrup.
I usually make pancakes once or twice a week for the kids,
so that ends up being quite a bit of syrup they are eating.
Again, slowly, I have been transitioning them off of artificial syrup and over to 100% maple syrup.
We aren't quite there yet, but we're making progress.

Ella is getting so independent with schoolwork.
She asked last week if she could read her own directions and 
do her workbook pages on her own.
She did great and felt so proud of herself.
That small feat has allowed me to have so much more time to devote to Liam.
Since I don't have to sit and read directions to Ella, wait for her to complete the task at hand, read more directions... wait, directions, wait directions...
I get more opportunities to support Liam's learning.
 He has two leapfrog workbooks that I got for $1/each at Target that he does while I do 
instruction time with Ella.
Then, once she is set with her workbook pages, 
we head to the couch and work on a letter a day with the Reading-Eggs online program.
I am only doing a trial right now, but so far- so good!

Small victories are still victories, right?


  1. We love our oatmeal with some cinnamon and brown sugar in it. We eat oatmeal 3-4 days a week for breakfast. Pancakes two days a week and then who knows the other day!

    1. I will have to throw cinnamon in next time! I usually put it in our pancakes and we love it! Oatmeal is so healthy and cheap. I have also noticed the "real" stuff tides them over longer than the packet oatmeal. :)

  2. You're right about the taste of maple syrup being very strong, and different if you're not used to it. I don't like it, actually, but then I don't like any kind of syrup. :P Guess I never got that sweet tooth thing...

    1. It does take awhile to get used to the flavor. Unfortunately, I have a big sweet tooth. Consider yourself lucky that you don't. ;)

  3. Oatmeal is such a great breakfast! Our girls love it. One tip about pancake syrup: If you mix melted butter with 100% maple syrup it helps it go further (and it tastes delicious!). Just saves a bit of money. :)