The Happenings

Along with my growing belly comes the need for bedtime support.
Which also means that myself and all my "support" take up well over 3/4 of the bed.
Good thing I am only pregnant for a few months. :)

One thing I am really wanting is a Bump Nest pillow.
I have one from Boppy that I used for my last two pregnancies, 
but I don't think it is as nice as the Bump Nest pillows.
I actually washed my Boppy according to their directions,
and it came out all lumpy and bumpy.
Total bummer.
I have read nothing but great reviews on the Bump Nest pillows.
I guess since this is my last baby, I will have to make due.
But, if you are in the market for one...
this it the one I would spend my money on!

I received several emails asking me to do an update 
on the curriculum we chose for Ella this year.
I did a (very rough) vlog last week to recap 
what we use and how it has worked for us.

I am in dire need of cleaning and purging in regards to my kiddos' toys.
They just keep multiplying and it is driving me batty.
It will take me a good day to get that done.  
I always think that it will take an hour, or so,
and then I am still cranking away six hours later.
I am speedy when it comes to cleaning,
but organizing is a different story.

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  1. Your kids look so sweet and innocent in that photo! Also, that bump nest pillow looks amazing. Taking note for the next time I'm pregnant!