Details // Eclectic School Room

Last week, I formally introduced our Eclectic School Room.
I wanted to answer some reader questions about how I pulled it all together.

//Map Wall//
I got my maps from
They are sheets of wrapping paper that I hammered on the wall.
I overlapped the edges ever so slightly and tacked all four corners of the maps.
Then, in the areas that gaped open still,
I used double-sided sticky tape and taped the edges of the maps together 
(since they were overlapping, the tape didn't touch the wall).

//Chalkboard Wall//
We did two coats of chalkboard paint for the wall.
Truly, it wasn't the most fun to work with,
and next time I will make my own to save on cost.

//Wall Color//
The walls were previously a burnt orange color and I was in dire need of lightening it up.
I was introduced to and their eco-friendly paints.
The paint is a soft grey, blue and meshes so well with the color scheme.
The actual color is Shutter.

Some major pros to this paint:
+it didn't have any odor at all while wet, unlike conventional paints.
+100% VOC free
+organic and safe for even kids to paint with
+it covered very nicely

There you have it!
Everything you wanted to know about our Eclectic School Room!


  1. I love love love your school room. I can't wait to put together another year or so :)

  2. I SO love the overlapping maps on the wall!! Those are awesome!!

  3. So glad you posted about this. When I saw your pic on Instagram, I had to pin it!

    1. Great! Thank you for pinning!!! I love this room and the mash-up of all the colors and textures. :)