DIY // Spring Wreath

I had mentioned last week that I threw together a Frugal Spring Wreath with only supplies I had on hand.
I will admit, I am not a stellar floral arranger, or wreath maker, so be gentle with your judgements. :)

I love adding pops of color to our porch when springtime starts to creep in.
It makes me happy when I drive down our drive and see bright flowers against our black door.

I had random flowers and greenery sitting around from past Memorial weekends and such,
so I decided to make do with what I had, instead of spending $30+ on a new wreath from a store.

I took what I had, heated up my glue gun, and went to town.
I do trim my stems and do a little "mock-arranging" prior to gluing everything down permanently.
I know there are wreaths in stores I would love so much more, but this one was free to me,
so that beats buying a new one.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous, Liz! I love the flowers you chose... so life-like! It turned out so beautiful.