Fresh // Our Eclectic Homeschool Room

I should have written this post nine months ago since the room has been broken in
for at least that long.
When we decided to really take the homeschooling thing
seriously and do it long-term,
we knew we would be needing a permanent place to get those said tasks completed.

We have an office in the basement,
but I didn't want to be that far from the kitchen,
or from Guinnyth's bedroom since she plays in her crib during much of our school time.

 I love our schoolroom.
It isn't perfectly functional for a full herd of kiddos learning,
but for now I have enough room for Ella's minimal supplies and Liam's few activity books.
Most of our "extras" are stored in the white buffet or the coat closet in the foyer.

 This room is right off the foyer and our front door,
so it is one of the first things guests see when they walk into our home.
My goal was to have a tasteful room that wouldn't be an eyesore
when we walked past and peeked in.

It is actually one of my favorite rooms.
It is simple, yet has some of my personal flair built in.
It has color, but the palette is subtle enough to not be distracting.
It is a lovely place to learn in.

I know that as the rest of our kids fill this room during schooltime,
I will need to make adjustments:
+add leaves to the table
+add more storage

But, those are easy adjustments to make.

UPDATE: This post gives all the details for our school room!!!
And now, just for fun, a BEFORE picture of our dining room turned school room...


  1. Liz, it looks gorgeous! My favorite part is definitely that table. What a beautiful room!

    1. Thank you!!! The table was a family piece that my parents were going to get rid of. It matches the white buffet in the room.

  2. i love it! so fun and so clean! man our school room is so messy right now its ridiculous. I have been meanign to do an update post tho since i got a new rug for it :) - may do that soon. Love your wall of maps too btw. im a huge map fan!!

    1. thank you! i love maps, too! i wanted maps that were subtle and not super bright and shiny. these were perfect!

  3. oh it is fabulous!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I want a chalk wall somewhere i just need to find a spot! looks great friend!

  4. Your school room is utterly charming. I love the colors and the maps on the wall. We once had a school room, but now that my kids are older the sort of do school all over the house. You have a delightful blog and it's always nice to meet another homeschool mum! Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded!