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My baby for only a few more, short months...
Guinnyth loves giving kisses.  She walks around the house smacking her gums, waiting for someone to come and smack their lips right back.  It is possibly the cutest thing ever.

 When this one was just a newborn, I promised her that I wouldn't let the little moments
be ignored simply because she was the third babe and I had already experienced those same moments with her older siblings.  I want her to have a whole slew of memories to look through when she's older.  I want to freeze this moment, and remember how she always begs to see the "baby" in the mirror after bathtime. 

We celebrated Mark's birthday this week.  I love how excited the kids get to share his special day with him. 
I am fairly certain they get more excited than he does.  We started the morning with blueberry, pancake muffins... followed by creating works of art for daddy... and a chocolate chip sundae dessert.

I hope you had a great week!
We are going to soak up the nice temperatures that are supposed to be here this weekend.
Enjoy your weekend!

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