Motherhood Mondays // Help a Momma Out!

 I mentioned last Monday that life seems to be taking over our home.
I get the house in working order, 
only to find it crumbling five minutes later.
Even though it can be disheartening sometimes,
I love that the crumbling means we are sharing moments together.
I wanted to share a few things that the kids and I implemented quite awhile ago
when I began to feel like I couldn't "do it all."
They are all simple tasks for the kids to take ownership in,
but it does take some training in the beginning,
so be prepared to spend time teaching them how to do things right.

+ Making beds
 Now, Ella does a very nice job of this.  
Liam, ummm, well... let's just say he's a typical boy and 
I offer him a lot of grace when it comes to bed-making. :)
Even so, they make their beds in the mornings and get themselves dressed.
We always tidy rooms at night, so when they come up for breakfast, 
their spaces are clean and neat for the start of the day.

+ Brushing Teeth
I used to brush everyone's teeth in the mornings and before bedtime,
and even though it is a simple task,
it took time and I was happy to give them freedom to do it themselves.
They both do a great job and the dentist says their teeth are great!
(Mark and I do scrub around on their teeth a few times a week just to ensure quality control.)

+ Washing/wiping down surfaces
Once a day, the kids take time to scrub their sinks and rid them of the residue left behind from washing hands and brushing teeth.
They also wipe down the kitchen table and dust bust underneath.

+ Emptying dish washer
There are times I do this on my own,
but if we are drowning in tasks,
they do this for me.
I empty sharp objects and breakables that go in the top shelves and leave everything else.
I have most of my utensils at a level that is perfect for them to put away.

+ Laundry
I was so picky about how clothes were folded.
Why? I ask myself, why?
It doesn't matter if my (almost) 4 year old has wrinkled underwear. Does it?
Now, we fold the shirts, pants, and jammies together.  
The rest just get placed, or thrown, in the correct drawer.
Both of my older kiddos love picking out their own clothes, 
so they usually get messed up in the drawers anyway.
This saves me being frustrated when I look and see shirts "smooshed" in the drawers.
They always put their own clothes away as well.

This has been a long time rule of mine that goes way back to when Ella
was still a little 1 year old.
I do not pick up toys for my kids.
There are times when we have guests and the mess is a little too much for two kiddos to tackle
that I will step in and help,
but for every day tidying... it's all on them!
This is done before lunch, after naptime, and before bedtime.
I am in the process of working with Guinnyth on this
 even though she doesn't seem to play with many toys.
She usually just waddles around following people through the house.


My kids are still young so I am limited as to what jobs I assign to them,
but I will say that these simple tasks make a big difference in my work load.
I love being able to count on them to help out,
even if it is in the simplest of ways.

When we clean house, you can bet that I have a kid begging to use the toilet bowl scrub brush!
Hey, I will take whatever I can get! :)

I would love to know how your kiddos help out in your home!!!


  1. I can only speak from my own experience, the best way to help little one to learn to clean after themselves if to lower your expectations. I know that I am a perfectionist and after many years (prior of having babies) I worked on myself to let go of some little things that made my life crazy (thank you to all my messy roommates that I had during university, made me realize that fussing after small details is not always worth the pain). But other than that, do your chores joyfully and your little sponges of a kids will learn to do the same :-)

    Have a wonderful day

    1. That is so true! I do think expectations have to be lowered, or it becomes a big struggle between momma and kiddo. I always do my best to train them to do it the "right" way, though. You certainly have to offer a lot of grace when it comes to little ones cleaning and helping out. :) Thank you so much for commenting!!! I love hearing from other mommas!

  2. HA! Love that you posted on this!!! Great minds think alike obviously! Hallelujah for little helpers:)

  3. This is really inspiring to me! I want to be working more on training my girls to do simple chores. They help with several things, but not necessarily on a consistent basis.