Motherhood Mondays // Morning Quiet Time


I love my time alone with the Word before I turn in for the night.
It helps me to cleanse my heart and offer myself grace for all the ways I fell short that day.
But, there is something so peaceful and refreshing about 
meeting with Him before my day begins.

This time has changed a bit since becoming pregnant with our #4.
My morning time is cut short since I am so exhausted 
and struggle to peel myself out from underneath the covers.
I do manage to get in at least a small window of time to read some scripture
and set the tone for my day.
When I don't do this... my day is usually a flop as far as my attitude is concerned.

It is really one of the best times of my day.
I sit and read and get excited to welcome my crew.
It's amazing how the quiet mornings have simple movements to them
that you wouldn't otherwise notice.

They are all simple things:

+ How as the sun rises, you can tell the wind picks up just a bit.

+ How my Guinnyth, my baby for only a few more short months,
wakes on cue and babbles in her crib as she waits for me. 
I can tell she is having a conversation in there all by herself.
It's like she's chatting with Him, too.

+ How the train, which is a mile or two away, rumbles through and blows it's horn. 
You can hear the rhythm of the wheels filter through the river valley and it is so soothing.
I grew up listening to those trains, but there is something calming 
when you are reflecting upon them while you read about His creation.

My quiet time is simple.
I don't have a list of to-dos that I want to accomplish before the kids wake.
I simply want to gain perspective on why I am here in this place,
and what my daily purpose is.
Even if I get five minutes, instead of thirty, I am humbled by the Word and my focus is set.


  1. Beautiful writing style. I enjoyed this post, and I too, enjoy that quiet first thing in the morning around God's Word. Peace for the soul. =)
    So glad I saw your post on Mama Moments Link Up.

    1. Thank you, Amanda. So glad you stopped by!

  2. needed this. I need to do this more... in the morning... i know it help. I need some good book suggestions too :)