InstaFriday // Weekend Links

I am behind on my InstaFriday and Weekend Links posts,
so I am combining them this week.

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This top has been sported during each of my four pregnancies.
I think I will be ready to retire it after this little lady arrives.

Our regular homeschool crasher.
She is always on time and never ceases to distract.

After naptime snuggles.
Bad lighting, grainy, but I love it!

Now for the Weekend Links...

Loved this post about motherhood and how each child surprises and changes us.  We are forever marked by their presence in our lives.  Such a good, quick read!

Tips and tricks for getting in the pictures WITH your kiddos.
No more excuses about not being in any scrapbook pictures... read this!
This is also one of my favorite blogs to keep tabs on!

I love the look of chalk paint, but the price- not so much.
It is crazy expensive.  All I have read about it though is the ease of use and durability.
I am in the process of talking Mark into letting me paint our coffee table and side table in the living room.
They have scratches and cracks in/on them.  I plan on using this DIY recipe for the project.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!!!

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