The baby has officially surpassed the 25 week mark.
This pic was taken at 25 weeks.
I have definitely hit the "major growth" stage and I am sure my next real 
bump update will show that, but for now... here's what 25 weeks looks like.

I love walking when the weather gets nice.
I can't wait for the warmer temps to stick around here in the midwest.
Ella was super stoked to go for a walk with me.
I was giggling and smiling the entire time because she jabbered non-stop.
She kept telling me how it was the most fun she's ever had,
and she wants to walk with me every time.
Honestly, since I am nothing short of snail speed right now, she was running circles around me.

At times, my morning "quiet time" isn't me with my nose in the Bible.
My mind has a tendency to be slow to function in the mornings as of late,
so there are times I listen to a sermon instead.
It really puts my focus where it needs to be...

Guinnyth is really into lap sharing lately.
She sits down and pats her lap, waiting patiently for one of the big kids to plop down upon her.
Any time one of the big kids is sitting down, she moseys on over and climbs up on them.
They absolutely LOVE this new phase Guinnyth is in!

Have a happy first weekend in April!!!
I am headed to a conference this weekend, so we will see ya on Monday!

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  1. You are glowing! And that pic of your girls is precious!!

  2. Aw Baby G sitting on everyone's lap!! That is adorable!! Your family is the sweetest.

    Have a great weekend, Liz!