Motherhood Monday // Letting Go

There are those days,
and regardless of whether, or not, people admit to having them...
we all do.

It is a battle sometimes- being a mom.
There is a reason it is a battle.
We mothers have so much influence on our little ones,
that we are met with great resistance from Satan.

It is true- it might sound corney to some, but it is true.
I had a coach tell me once,
"If I didn't see promise in you, I would waste my time yelling at you!"
I guess that means I was worthy of being "coached."

If Satan didn't see promise in me as a mother,
he wouldn't waste his time trying to slowly and skillfully ruin my calling.
That is why motherhood is a battle- there is a great deal at stake!

I love my calling- motherhood.
But, I never want anyone to think that it isn't difficult for me.
That is why, when I have those days, I do my best to pray them away and wake up renewed.
I don't take yesterday's struggles into today.

Today is the day I start with Him.
Today is the day I choose to bring peace, and not chaos, into my home.
Today is the day...

I hope you find some comfort in knowing all mothers have daily struggles.
We all have hurdles and there is a lot riding on our overcoming those hurdles.
But, we can't get past them when we constantly worry about yesterday's troubles.
Move forward... renewed.

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  1. This is a great post!!! Thank you for posting this! An answered prayer and confirmation that I needed.