Motherhood Mondays // 28 Week Update


I will be 29 weeks tomorrow, but I didn't want to miss out on the 28 week update.

I had a lot of growth and it is nice to finally be embracing the "maternity" side of fashion.
I have gained around 10 pounds so far and my ability to bend over is slowly diminishing.
Oh, and sitting on the floor- I better not have to get up fast, or I will be in trouble.
I need a crane to get me off the ground.

As far as baby girl is concerned...
She is moving- like.all.the.time!
Hiccuping and such.
I have had a few minor bouts of heartburn, but nothing to write home about.
I can't believe that we only have 11 weeks until her impending arrival and the completion of our little family.

We have so much to get done between now and then,
and I am getting a little anxious about it all.
Last weekend Mark was out of town and he came home
to the girls' room completely rearranged-
bed, dresser, play kitchen, etc.
I was thankful for the "mighty movers" that make moving furniture a breeze!
He asked me, "Why must you always move furniture when you are 7 months pregnant?"
I smiled and pled the fifth.

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  1. Gorgeous, glowing smile! I'm glad your baby girl is so active. That was always reassuring to me! Have you started to narrow down potential names?

  2. You are too kind. Thank you!

    We do have a name, but we are pulling a "Caldwell" and keeping it a secret. ;) haha

  3. You are so tini tiny! so cute.