10 Years

This post will probably be a bit longer than my usual posts.
It's hard to fit 10 years into 200 words or less.
10 years of good times and bad, sickness and health, for better and for worse.
We have experienced a lot in these 10 beautiful years.

We have made several moves together,
meeting new friends and settling into different churches.
We have celebrated the births of our (almost) four children 
and stared at each other in awe as we agreed they were the best thing 
we'd done together.

We've prayed over our marriage and seen God move mountains.
10 years of growth and change, submission and love, laughter and tears.
It is all such a sweet journey that I never imagined could be my, our, story.

I had always heard people share their testimonies,
and I would sit and wonder about mine.
I was raised going to church by two loving parents
and didn't feel like I had much to offer people.

My marriage is my testimony.
We have been through the fire and the Lord has redeemed our marriage through and through.
Mark is more of a blessing to me than I ever understood when I married him 10 years ago.
He is the "greener grass" on the other side of the fence.
The last four years have been such a sweet encore to the first six years.
We both thank God daily for answered prayers 
and for the blessing of this journey.
Today is the day that Mark and I celebrate 10 years of marriage.
Ten unexpected and beautiful years that have been written out by the 
greatest Author of all time.
I am giddy at the thought and hope of ten more years with my guy.

(family pics taken last fall)

Homeschool Plans

We are working hard to finish up school this week.
I had originally planned on being finished last week,
but with sickness and life happening,
it didn't go as planned.

The kids are ready for a break.
I am ready for a break.
I need my morning hours to complete pre-baby coming-home tasks.
It seems like after two o'clock in the afternoon,
if it isn't done... it most likely won't be getting done until the next day.
Aside from supper, baths, and my walk... I am pretty much worthless in the evenings.

We are planning a week, or so, to check off to-dos,
and then we will start a little summer school.
Reading... games... maybe a worksheet for review... iPad games... Bible movies, etc.
Totally laid back and enjoyable.
That will be what we will do for the month of June,
and then July is baby month!

I am in the process of writing an eBook about our homeschooling journey.
It is more of a "I never planned to homeschool.  How did I get here and what do I do now?" type of book.
I am offering my readers a chance to chime in and ask any questions they might have for a first-generation homeschooler.  You can either ask in the comments or email me at

Baby #4 Update // 33 weeks

We are in our 33rd week and my belly button is out for all the world to see.
The belly has officially become a Baby #3 (also known as Guinnyth) shelf and I'm not sure how she's going to react when the shelf/pillow is gone.

I am gaining weight and am wondering how much bigger my body can get.
Stretching has definitely happened on a much more generous scale 
with this pregnancy than with the first three.
I am walking to try and keep my body in good working order,
but I end up doing more of a slow trod since my uterus contracts literally the entire time I am walking.
By the time I make it to the home stretch I am barely moving and wondering if I am going to have to phone home and have Mark come pick me up. 
Still, walking is so good for my body and I really enjoy the time I get to listen to my podcasts... 
Matt Chandler is one of my fave preachers- check him out!

We are about to transition Guinnyth into big sister's room, 
and Ella could not be more excited about it.
Every day she is asking about Guinnyth moving in,
and every day I have to teach her to have patience.

I still want to paint my master bedroom
and I have a ton of "spring" cleaning to do before baby girl arrives in a few weeks.
Not to mention, I haven't washed any baby clothes, or prepared for her to enter our home in any way.
I am so behind the ball.
I am holding loosely to my goals this time around.
I want to get things done, but I want to love on the little people I have nestled on the couch next to me
eating pretzel sticks.

So here we are... celebrating a healthy 33 weeks of baby growth.

The Happenings

Life has been quiet here on the blog the past few weeks.
We have been working hard to finish up school and 
have been running to my doctor appointments, dance practice, and co-op sessions.

It has been a busy season and doesn't show signs of letting up any time soon.
We start t-ball for Liam this week and prepare for Ella's recital coming up next month.
We have projects out the wazoo to get completed before baby #4 comes,
the least of which includes transitioning our current baby into her sister's room.
It is crazy!

Yesterday was such a packed day, so I made it a priority
to slow down today and keep it simple.
Days like this are my favorite.
I get caught up on laundry.
The kids play outside.
They snack on a bowl full of grapes.
We all take naps (the "bad pregnancy sleep" season has begun for me, so a nap is a must!)
and then head outside for the evening.


Motherhood // Embracing It All

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of New York Life for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mother's Day.
A day to celebrate the moment we looked deep into the eyes of a child that would change us forever.
For me, it was the day I also embraced all that motherhood encompasses.
The diapers, sleepless nights, crumbs that stick to my feet as I walk through the house,
tooth paste smeared sinks, and slobbered on windows.
Those are all things, that even though they may make me grumble right now,
I will look back on and wish for fondly.

I am in the best place in life right now.
Getting to see the wonder and joy that springs from the little faces that look at me every day.
The sweet songs that drift through our home and giggles that are shared
make all the sticky handprints worth it.

As we celebrate Mothers everywhere,
I want to love on my mom.
She gave up a lot to stay at home and care for me and my siblings.
She's a mom who created such a clean and warm place to come home to after a day at school.
She's a mom who gathered us for family dinners every night and was always there when I needed her.
Those are all things I have tried to carry on to my own family.

New York Life is Celebrating Good this Mother's Day.
I would love to hear how you have passed on sweetness from your childhood into your own family.
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