10 Years

This post will probably be a bit longer than my usual posts.
It's hard to fit 10 years into 200 words or less.
10 years of good times and bad, sickness and health, for better and for worse.
We have experienced a lot in these 10 beautiful years.

We have made several moves together,
meeting new friends and settling into different churches.
We have celebrated the births of our (almost) four children 
and stared at each other in awe as we agreed they were the best thing 
we'd done together.

We've prayed over our marriage and seen God move mountains.
10 years of growth and change, submission and love, laughter and tears.
It is all such a sweet journey that I never imagined could be my, our, story.

I had always heard people share their testimonies,
and I would sit and wonder about mine.
I was raised going to church by two loving parents
and didn't feel like I had much to offer people.

My marriage is my testimony.
We have been through the fire and the Lord has redeemed our marriage through and through.
Mark is more of a blessing to me than I ever understood when I married him 10 years ago.
He is the "greener grass" on the other side of the fence.
The last four years have been such a sweet encore to the first six years.
We both thank God daily for answered prayers 
and for the blessing of this journey.
Today is the day that Mark and I celebrate 10 years of marriage.
Ten unexpected and beautiful years that have been written out by the 
greatest Author of all time.
I am giddy at the thought and hope of ten more years with my guy.

(family pics taken last fall)

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