Baby #4 Update // 33 weeks

We are in our 33rd week and my belly button is out for all the world to see.
The belly has officially become a Baby #3 (also known as Guinnyth) shelf and I'm not sure how she's going to react when the shelf/pillow is gone.

I am gaining weight and am wondering how much bigger my body can get.
Stretching has definitely happened on a much more generous scale 
with this pregnancy than with the first three.
I am walking to try and keep my body in good working order,
but I end up doing more of a slow trod since my uterus contracts literally the entire time I am walking.
By the time I make it to the home stretch I am barely moving and wondering if I am going to have to phone home and have Mark come pick me up. 
Still, walking is so good for my body and I really enjoy the time I get to listen to my podcasts... 
Matt Chandler is one of my fave preachers- check him out!

We are about to transition Guinnyth into big sister's room, 
and Ella could not be more excited about it.
Every day she is asking about Guinnyth moving in,
and every day I have to teach her to have patience.

I still want to paint my master bedroom
and I have a ton of "spring" cleaning to do before baby girl arrives in a few weeks.
Not to mention, I haven't washed any baby clothes, or prepared for her to enter our home in any way.
I am so behind the ball.
I am holding loosely to my goals this time around.
I want to get things done, but I want to love on the little people I have nestled on the couch next to me
eating pretzel sticks.

So here we are... celebrating a healthy 33 weeks of baby growth.


  1. I am 33 weeks as well and walking the dog around the subdivision has become something I dread because of the Braxton Hicks. I actually talked about it in my blog post today.